The Leave A Compliment Project

We started this project because we wanted to come up with an interesting reason to reach out to some old friends, family and former colleagues – to connect and catch up. What we came up with was an original designed package of compliments, so they could have some fun using them to brighten peoples’ days.

What’s happened since then has been more than we could have ever expected. As of now, Leave A Compliment has grown into a feel-good campaign that has spread throughout the globe. We couldn’t be more excited with how its taken on a life of its own, and it’s only the beginning. As it continues to grow, we hope it can brighten the world’s day, one compliment at a time.

Check out the site we put together, learn about the project and order your own Leave A Compliment kit to help to brighten strangers’ days.
*It should go without saying that would never have been possible without the help and support of family, friends and strangers. Thank you all, very much.


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