Tether Cord Supply Co.

Tether is a new company that hand makes and sells cloth-covered industrial style extension cords. For the few with an obsession for detail of design, these cords settle into your home or office and add quite a bit more subtle character than the usual black, white or brown plastic (barf) extension cords.

I got started on their branding last week and we’ve arrived at a final A/B branding kit.

I created two versions of the logo. We’ll call them A & B. They have the same DNA and formatting, but have a slightly different appeal. The spotlight difference  is that narrow slab font versus the handmade script. We’ll be shooting their product, creating their brand book and building their website all in the near future. And we’ll let you know exactly when that happens, so you can buy a cord (or two) of your own.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of what is and what is to come.




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