Little Harbor, Catalina Island

It’s important for me to explore new places. They don’t have to be far away, but they need to be substantial. Strangely enough, I measure substance in terms of the lack of human intervention. These days, the feeling of escape seems further and further when in reality, turning off and going for a walk, a drive, a bike ride can inspire your inner-explorer.

For this trip, that destination is a mere 26 miles west of the Los Angeles / Orange County line. There you’ll find a mountain jutting up from beneath the sea to form a rugged island, known as Santa Catalina. It’s mostly a conservancy (roughly 88% of the island) and is home to roughly 3,700 people, 150 bison, 400 or so foxes and the occasional friendly pirate.

All you need for this one is a ferry ticket, some good people, a tent, a snorkel, the clothes on your back and a camera. If you happen across a bar, be sure to order a ‘Buffalo Milk.’

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