Inspired by David Bowie

Every generation has a handful of artists that transcend their craft and enter a mystic level of admiration. We recognize this achievement in life, but never with the same celebration that comes with their passing. I think of David Bowie and the art he has created, in turn inspiring millions to add their contribution to the ethereal collective; I think of one my generation’s few great icons. He will be missed and honored for as long as the archives exist.

I will always picture his iconic lightning bolt make up. For that, I’ve put together an internet sampling of the some of the artwork his one symbol alone has inspired. Please enjoy and visit the artists’ links.


Rosa Believe –
Cranio Dsgn –
Witneil –
Stephane Lauzon –
Indoor Type –
Rebel, Rebel – Unknown (If you know, please tell me so I can give proper credit.)
Svelte Art –
Robotic Ewe –
Helen Green –

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