I Love Google’s New Logo

It seems like everyone has an opinion these days when it comes to design. Remember when Comedy Central redesigned their logo and the world was up in arms until the latest celebrity nudephoto-dui-hitandrun-arrest-breakup-nipslip happened? Then the dust settled and we all stopped worrying about it. Why? Because it was a good design.




This latest rendition of Google is exactly that as well. Good design. Really good.

If you’ve been paying attention to Google’s design in their Apps, Analytics, Google for Business, etc. you will see that this logo perfectly matches everything they’ve done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had this logo designed for the last year and rallied the design troops around it for inspiration – knowing it would be unleashed with a full supporting cast of products that we’ve al already been using.

The Logo Elements

  • San-Serif Typeface

    The right move for a future-tech company, unless you think it’s tongue in cheek to have a grey-haired typeface. (I don’t.)

  • Consistent Weight

    The letter strokes are all just about identical throughout. Can’t do that with a Serif.

  • Subtly Updated Colors

    Makes the logo more holistic by lessening harsh contrast between colors.

  • Well-balanced Kerning

    Nothing worse than off-balanced spacing between letters.

  • Symmetry of the “G” Gestalt:

    This makes it perfect for balanced placement inside a circle or a square.


And did you see what they did for their icon?


Love it.

Kudos, Google design team.


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